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Extraction ventilator WKO 150 mm

Extraction ventilator WKO 150 mm

NN: 32025

Exhaust chimney fan's WKO type purpose is taking the fumes out of wood boiler. WKO type fans are characteristic for great efficiency, low volume and weight.

Exhaust chimney fan WKO type succours chimney flue while burning up in a natural thrust boiler or in a fan boiler. It's also helpful while fuel loading in the time of door opening. Both the functions are to prevent against smoke getting out of a boiler in low thrust time.

The fan is adapted for vertical or horizontal work.


ATTENTION! Mounting of fan motor only in horizontal position.

Product specification

Rotation engine speed 2780 trn/min
Motor power 0.19 kW
Inlet-outlet diameter 150 mm
Rotor exterior diameter 175 mm
Weight (excluding engine) 12 kg
Weight (including engine) 14.5 kg
Max temperature 300 °C
Max fan efficiency 380 m3/h



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