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Kotly.com.pl Cookies policy

Cookies policy

What are cookies?
Cookies are small chunks of information sent by the WWW server and saved on the recipient's site (usually on a hard disk). The default cookies parameters allow to read the information they contain only to the server that generated them. Cookies are mainly used with counters, surveys, e-shops, websites requiring logging in, ads and to monitor viewers' activity. The mechanism was founded by Lou Montulli - a former worker of Netscape Communications.
- source: Wikipedia

What do we use cookies for?
The main application of cookies is to facilitate Your experience with our website including logging in, filling in forms, displaying information in accordance to Your preferences and gathering anonymous statistics, by which we can improve and better present our product offer. On occasions, we may also allow third parties like Google gather information on our website and users.

How can I block cookies on my computer?
A vast majority of today's popular web browsers offer the ability to block cookies. If you wish to prevent cookies from saving on your computer, block them in the Preference panel of your default web browser.

Bare in mind that blocking cookies from displaying may result in malfunctioning of our website and thus making it difficult to do shopping with kotly.com.pl.

On this website we are using cookies files. If you want, you can turn off cookies in your browser settings. OK, close ad or find out more.