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Since is based in Poland the VAT applied to our goods is 23%. The prices that you normally see on are brutto, so include 23% of VAT.


Private customers

Value Added Tax is required to be paid by private consumers living within the European Union (EU).

If you live in a country outside the EU you do not have to pay it in Poland so you can divide all prices by 1,23. But you might have to pay it in your country. 



If you have registered a company you do not have to pay VAT, so you can divide all prices by 1,23. But if you buy goods in net prices, you then have to pay the Value Added Tax in your home country. To sell in net we need the documents of your company:
1.Proof that you have registered a company
2.Document where you get your VAT number from your financial office.

Here two samples how the documents look like in Germany:


2.Umsatzsteuernummer (DE-Nummer)


Companies that are based in the European Union sometimes must apply for an international VAT number.

Check here if you have a right international VAT Identification Number:


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