Wood gasifying boiler ATMOS Dokogen DC 40GD - 40 kW

Wood gasifying boiler ATMOS Dokogen DC 40GD - 40 kW

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Ecological wood gasification boilers

Generator Dokogen boilers are characterized with a special chamber which is on both sides laid with special ceramic shaped parts, with primary air inlets in the lower section and with ceramic nozzle and in lower chamber with spherical ceramic parts. Rear flue duct is equipped with a tubular heat exchanger.

Gasification of wood (inverse burning) with subsequent combustion of wood gas in ceramic combustion chamber ensures optimum burning of all combustible components. The air supply and combustion process are controlled with exhaust fan. This allows quick ignition and good combustion of the boiler since the firing up. The flame temperature is 1000 - 1250 ° C.

Inverse burning (gasification) and ceramic combustion chamber enable practically complete combustion with a minimum of harmful exhalations. The boilers meet limits of European regulations for environmental friendly product and belong to 5th class of boiler standard ČSN EN 303-5. Meet the most demanding requirements of the EU - ECODESIGN 2015/1189.

Advantages of wood gasification boilers ATMOS

  • Option to burn large pieces of wood
  • Large fuel container - long time of burning
  • Tube heat exchanger
  • High efficiency over 90 % - primary and secondary air is preheated to a high temperature
  • Ecological burning - boiler class 5 - ČSN EN 303-5, ECODESIGN 2015/1189
  • Exhaust fan - ash cleaning without dust, boiler room without smoke
  • Cooling loop protecting against overheating – without risk of boiler damage
  • Exhaust fan automatically switches off when the fuel burns out – exhaust (flue gas) thermostat
  • Large space for ash (when burning wood you have to clean it once per week)
  • Small size and low weight
  • High quality

Specified fuel: Dry wood with heating capacity 15 - 17 MJ.kg1, water content at least 12 % - max. 20 %, average 80 - 150 mm

Product specification

Power output 40 kW
Weight 548 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 150 mm
Efficiency 90.5 %
Boiler class (303-5:2012) 5
Ecodesign yes
Water capacity 112 L
Height 1435 mm
Width 680 mm
Depth 1120 mm
Max. length of wood 530 mm
Required chimney draught 22 Pa


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