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Wood gasification boiler Orlan Super 60kW

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Wood gasification boiler Orlanski Orlan Super

Wood is a renewable and widely available fuel in still cheap price. During normal combustion of wood, small amounts of harmful substances are released into the air such as: nitrogen oxides, CO, CxHy and dust, while the amount of left ash is about 1% of the total volume. Acquired ash can be used after dilution as a natural fertilizer.

Wood types in a Orlan Super gasification boiler

Wood gasification boiler developed by Orlanski company can burn wood with different sizes: wood block, wood logs, wood splinter and other wood waste. Sawdust, wood chips and small granulated wood waste should be burned with wood logs or other big pieces in the form of a mixture.

Technical parameters of the wood gasification boiler in the combustion of wood match the strict European standards and provide almost twice as much heat as a conventional boiler or fireplace.

These boilers have been approved for operation both in open and in closed systems.

Benefits of Orlan Super boiler series

  • Efficiency up to 91%
  • Leistngsbereich 18-130 kW
  • Large capacity of the loading chamber
  • Max. Length of the firewood pieces:
    • 50cm (18kW, 25kW, 40kW)
    • 75cm (60 kW)
    • 90-100cm (80kW, 95kW, 130kW)
  • Small amount of ash
  • Low operating costs
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Operating time between recharge to 12 h
  • Modulated working of the fan from 30 to 100%
  • Suitable for use in a closed system
  • Electronic control with the possibility of remote control after the connection of EKOSTER room controller

Gasification boiler usage

Orlan Super gasification boiler is designed to heat up buildings with various types of rooms. There may be houses, drying rooms, production halls and workshops. Boiler Orlan Super with an output of 96 kW to max 130 kW allows additional heating of large areas, such as industrial or public buildings.


  • 2 years for operation without Laddomat and accumulation tank
  • 3 years for operation with Laddomat and accumulation tank
  • 2 years for electrical and electronic elements of the boiler (e.g., fan and control)

Technical data:

Orlan Super 16-80 kW

Orlan Super 16-80 kW

Product specification

Power output 60 kW
Weight 975 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 210 mm
Efficiency 91 %
Boiler class (303-5:2012) 5
Height 1540 mm
Width 860 mm
Depth 1310 mm
Max. length of wood 750 mm
Required chimney draught 15 Pa
Power supply 230V / 50Hz


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