Universal coal and culm boiler OGNIWO KMW - 14

Universal coal and culm boiler OGNIWO KMW - 14

Catalog number: KMW| NN: 10046
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Product specification

Power output 14 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 140 mm
Weight 250 kg
Min. chimney diameter 160x160 mm
Size of heated surface 80 m²
Water capacity 48 L
Boiler heating surface 1.8 m²
Height 1275 mm
Width 420 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis. 1160 mm
Depth with exhaust pipe 785 mm
Max working pressure 2 bar
Required chimney draught 20 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 1 1/2 inch
Power supply 230V


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