Turbodym water vertical heater with coil

Turbodym water vertical heater with coil




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Turbodym is designed to be mounted at the exhaust of the fireplace. It recover some of the energy heat contained in the flue gas leaving the combustion chamber of the fireplace insert.

It is a very economical source of heat, it does not require use of an additional amount of fuel, but uses temperature of the exhaust. Hot exhaust gases flow through Turbodym heating water exchanger shell.

Turbodym is compatible with the radiators and underfloor heating powered by solid fuel boilers, gas, oil, heat pumps and solar panels.

Turbodym is made of 4 mm thick steel. This material is suitable for use in central heating systems, provides high reliability of the device, thermal resistance and long life.

Turbodym includes a coil (a copper pipe) which is the thermal protection of the device.

Product specification

Weight 50 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 200 mm
Height 535 mm
Width 400 mm
Water capacity 25 l


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