Storage water heater Cyclone 500 L ErP C with 1 coil

Storage water heater Cyclone 500 L ErP C with 1 coil

Catalog number: TCPMVI-0500LFC| NN: 63860

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10 years for water tank,

12 months for accessories
Tank diameter including the insulation.

All Cyclone cylinders are made from the very latest high specification grade of stainless steel, to resist all forms of corrosion, including crevice and stress, whilst its high mechanical strength gives it fantastic durability. The very latest automated welding procedures along with full post weld treatments guarantee welds that are as strong as the parent metal. Cyclone cylinders are insulated with fire retardant dense polyurethane foam giving it significant benefits over standard polyurethane insulation of greater thicknesses.



Product specification

Water capacity 500 l
Diameter 710 mm
Height 1930 mm
Amount of coils 1 item
Coil size 1.4 m²
Energy efficiency class C
Coil power 35.7 kW
Heating time from 0°C to 65°C 45 min.
Heat loss in 24h 3.15 kWh
Max pressure tested 10 bar
Max working pressure 6 bar
Thickness of isolation 50 mm
Heater 1 x 3kW 240V
Heater size 14 inches


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