Steering for central heating pump SCL-109

Steering for central heating pump SCL-109

Catalog number: SCL-109| NN: 17243

Function: the pump activates when the knob-regulated temperature is reached.

SCL-109 is designed to control the central heating water pump. The controller's main function is to switch on/off the pump, depending on the previously set temperature. This process prevents the pump from operating when not needed, helping to generate up to 60% savings on electric energy and increasing the life-span of the pump. Therefore, the SCL-109 pump is both reliable and cost-effective.

Warranty:  2 years

This product is CE certified.

Technical parameters:

Temperature range: 20-80 °C

Histeresis: 2 °C        

Voltage: 230V,  50Hz 

Power consumption: < 1W

Working temperature: 20–70 °C


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