Steering for central heating pump TECH ST-21 with anti-stop function up to 85 centigrades

Steering for central heating pump TECH ST-21 with anti-stop function up to 85 centigrades

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ST-21 controller with LED display is intended to control the central heating water circulation pump. The controller's task is to switch the pump on when the temperature reaches the set value and to switch it off when the boiler cools down below the set hysteresis value. Such a functioning mode prevents unnecessary operation of the pump, which allows to save electric energy and prolongs life of the pump as well as improves its reliability. ST-21 controller may also serve as a thermostat switching the pump off after reaching the set temperature. The controller also has an anti-stop function which prevents too long period of the circulating pump's operation standstill after the season (the pump is switched on approx. every 10 days for 1 minute). An additional protection is the anti-freeze function which prevents water freezing in the system (when the temperature drops below 6 °C, the pump is switched on permanently).

Functions performed by the controller:
- CH pump control
- possible operation as a thermostat
- anti-stop function
- anti-freeze function

Equipment of controller:
- LED display
- CH temperature sensor

Product specification

Weight 0.60 kg
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Max. power consumption 2 W
Ambient temperature 5 - 50 °C
Accuracy of measurement 1 °C
Thermal resistance of the sensors -25 - 90 °C
Fuse-link 1.6 A
Range of temperature settings 25 - 85 °C


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