Solar package for 4-6 persons without hot water tank - 4 x collectors EM1V 2,0S, Al-Cu, STDC, S18

Solar package for 4-6 persons without hot water tank - 4 x collectors EM1V 2,0S, Al-Cu, STDC, S18

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Complete package for domestic hot water heating with collectors destined for 4 or 6 people family.

The package comprises of:
» 4 x flat collector EM1V 2,0S Al-Cu- 2m2

Flat collector: Symbol Unit Value
Width A [mm] 1006
Height B [mm] 1988
Depth C [mm] 85
Weight m [kg] 39
Surface S [m2] 2,00
Optical efficiency ηo [%] 78,8
Coefficient a1 [W/(m2K)] 3,485
Coefficient a2 [W/(m2K2)] 0,017
Connection: Cu Ø [mm] 22
Housing Al profile
Cover Solar glass 4mm
Type Al sheet 0,5 mm thick
Selective layer Highly selective layer
Technology Laser welding
Absorption coefficient α [%] 95
Emission coefficient ε [%] 5
Width a [mm] 964
Height b [mm] 1946
Surface Sb [m2] 1,876
Netto surface Sn [m2] 1,876
Liquid content V [dm3] 1,2
Balance temperature Tr [ºC] 208
Guaranteed minimal
thermal output
kWh/m2∙year 525
Insulation Mineral wool
Conduction coefficient λ [W/mK] 0,035
Insulation layer thickness:
Lower d [mm] 40
Lateral d1 [mm] 10
Solar Keymark 011-7S2606 F

This is a high quality product made in Poland. The collectors are compatible with the DIN EN 12975-2:2006 norm launched by TÜV Rheinland Immissionsschutz und Energiesysteme GmbH and with the Solar Keymark certificate. In Germany, the collectors are surcharged by the BAFA.

» Connection system for 4 collectors
» Double pump group PWM with air separator
» Solar controller SOREL STDC v3
» Solar expansion vessel 35 L
» 2 x Solar liquid, temperature of frozing: -30°C - 20 L
» 2 x flexible connection 3/4” 1500 mm with coating 9 mm

The package can be mounted on a flat or an aslant roof. The connection elements and the mounting set are made in stainless steel. Choose the correct option before order.

Advantages of this solar package:
» High quality
» Easy connection to any typical heating system
» Simple and economical assembly
» Simply operated solar regulator

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Product specification

Collector efficiency 78,8 %
Collector surface 2.00 m²
Height 1988 mm
Width 1006 mm
Thickness 85 mm
Weight 39 kg


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