Solar controller SOREL STDC

Solar controller SOREL STDC



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 The Temperature Difference Controller STDC facilitates effi cient use and function control of your solar or heating system. The device is impressive most of all for its

functionality and simple, almost self-explanatory operation.

For each step in the input process the individual entry keys are assigned to appropriate functions and explained. The controller menu contains headwords for the measured values and settings, as well as help texts or clearly-structured graphics.

The STDC can be used as a temperature difference controller for various system variants.

Important characteristics of the STDC:
- Depiction of graphics and texts in a lighted display,
- Simple viewing of the current measurement values,
- Analysis and monitoring of the system by means of statistical graphics, etc.
- Extensive setting menus with explanations,
- Menu block can be activated to prevent unintentional setting changes,
- Resetting to factory settings.

The Set includes 2 sensors, possibility of connecting sensors 3.


Technical parameters:
Mains voltage: 230VAC +/- 10%
Mains frequency: 50...60Hz
Power consumption: ~ 1.5VA
Switched power (mechanic relay output): 460VA for AC1 / 460W for AC3
Internal fuse: 2A slow blow 250V
Protection category: IP40
Protection class: II
Sensor inputs: 3 x Pt1000
Measuring range: -40°C - 300°C
Ambient temperature for controller operation: 0°C...40°C
Air humidity for controller operation: max. 85% rel. humidity at 25°C
Housing: design 3-part, ABS plastic
Overall dimensions: 
163mm x 110mm x 52mm
Display: Fully graphical display, 128 x 64 dots
Operation: 4 entry keys





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