Room regulator TECH ST-280 for STALMARK boilers

Room regulator TECH ST-280 for STALMARK boilers

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The room regulator ST-280 is dedicated for STALMARK boilers. Thanks to this device the user is able to control the room temperature, central heating boiler's temperature and the temperature of HUW. The device displays on the screen the current boiler's temperature, the room temperature and allows to plan the one-week heating program. In cooperation with the other dedicated steering devices, the user has the possibility to view the external temperature and to control the work of the mixing valves. The controller is also equipped with the parental lock and alarm clock.

Product specification

Power supply 12V DC
Max. power consumption 1.3 W
Ambient temperature 5÷50 °C
Accuracy of measurement 0.1 °C
Range of temperature settings 10÷30 °C


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