Piston feeder boiler STALMARK Boss Vegas 28 kW

Piston feeder boiler STALMARK Boss Vegas 28 kW

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A boiler with a piston feeder BOSS VEGAS is a newest product from STALMARK. In order to fulfill the needs of customers, the manufacturer combined a side feeder with an additional emergency grate. It allowed to lower the height of the boiler and thanks to that it is suitable also for smaller boiler rooms. These boilers are available with the feeder on the right side (as on the picture) or on the left side of the boiler.

BOSS VEGAS boiler is designed for an automatic combustion of coal with a granulation up to 4 cm or for combustion on a steel grate (emergency). This boiler is equipped with the ST-630H steering. It is the newest generation of steering device with 4 pumps (central heating, domestic hot water, circulation, floor) and 1 valve actuator. There is a possibility to connect room regulator and to control the work of the boiler via internet or GSM.

BOSS VEGAS boiler is designed to combust coal dust, pea coal, wood and coal. Humidity of given fuels must be bellow 10%

48 months for tightness
24 months for electronic elements
12 months for protection of furnace door and cast iron deflector

Product specification

Power output 28 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 180 mm
Weight 460 kg
Efficiency 86,5 %
Size of heated surface 270 m²
Water capacity 135 L
Boiler heating surface 2.8 m²
Height 1280 mm
Width 1290 mm
Depth 790 mm
Required chimney draught 20-30 Pa
Power supply 230 V


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