Pellet Burner Pellas X 150kW with feeder 2m and steering LCD

Pellet Burner Pellas X 150kW with feeder 2m and steering LCD

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Device properties:
- Patented technology of high-pressure combustion
- Patented system of fuel mixing in the furnace chamber significantly prolongs the duration of maintenance-free operation
- Made of superior materials based on latest technology
- Automatic operation: firing, cleaning, flame control
- Low CO and CO2 emission
- Low thermal inertia
- Burner’s temperature control
- Automatic start after voltage loss – memory of last settings
- High combustion efficiency - up to 99% !
- The furnace made of superior heat resisting steel
- Flame detector precisely detecting its level
- Removable furnace
- Low power consumption
- Compatible with the instrumentation of oil and gas boiler and food oven


Buffer - controlling the heating system in combination with a heat storage reservoir.
The history of alarms and errors - the controller keeps a history of the last 20 errors and
alarms with a description, date of creation and the date of confirmation.
Clock with calendar - the clock allows to program in a weekly cycle required temperatures in
the rooms and hot water which contributes to a reduction in expenditure on fuel.
Statistics - in its memory the controller stores statistical data of the system, so it is possible to
observe the work and reduce fuel consumption. For example, monitoring temperature and
power boiler burner.
Beep sound alarm - built-in piezoelectric loudspeaker signals the occurrence of an alarm in
the boiler, which increases operational safety of the device.
Resetting - function allows you to restore factory settings of the controller.


- Highly efficient
- Made of galvanized steel- highly resistant to corrosion 
- Working angle of 0° to 60°


CO pump handling : YES
Domestic central heating pump handling : YES
Room temperature sensor: YES (option) 
All-weather automatic control: YES (option)
Solar panels handling: YES (option)
Lambda sensor : YES(option)

Product specification

Power output 50-150 kW
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Absorbed power 75 W
Weight 30 kg
Length of feeder 2 m
Efficiency 99 %


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