Pellet Burner Moderator 40kW with feeder 2 m and steering

Pellet Burner Moderator 40kW with feeder 2 m and steering




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Pellet BURNER WITH POWER 12 - 40kW. The device is characterized by a whole range of innovative solutions. The aim of the manufacturer was to create maintenance-free, reliable and cheap burner, that burns pellets of varying quality.

The burner was equipped with a unique dual system of cleaning furnace:
1 Automatic movable upper grate provides effective self-cleaning of furnace
2 Automatic cleaning system under the combustion chamber - movable bottom plate - ensures complete removal of ash from the burner

This is achieved by using reliable Belimo electric actuators. With such solutions, the burner can successfully burn the fuel of poorer quality. This is the first in Poland maintenance-free burner of such type.

For over a year of testing the burner, manufacturer used many types of pellets: Wood pellets, agro-pellets and peat pellets. Tests confirmed the effectiveness of the innovative dual-system cleaning furnace. Maintenance of the burner is limited to refilling the fuel tank and to check the pellet furnace once a week.

The burner allows to generate financial savings by burning cheaper types of pellets and also provides comfort and time saving. The burner is equipped with a ceramic igniter and advanced multi-function driver from PLUM allowing a wide range of power modulation, and the ability to control all of the available circuits in the system.

The kit includes:
- Moderator pellet burner
- 2 m feeder
- Burner discharge tube
- Spiro pipe to connect the burner with the feeder
- Modern controller ecoMAX 850 P 1 from PLUM with wires, boiler temperature sensor and thermal protection STB.

Product specification

Power output 12-40 kW
Power supply 230
Absorbed power 70 W
Weight 24 kg
Length of feeder 2 m


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