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Kitchen SD ROYAL 720 - 7,5 kW white

Kitchen SD ROYAL 720 - 7,5 kW white

EAN: 8600957721434 / 8600957721441| NN: 74740 / 74739
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Exhaust gases exit on the right: 4 items

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Exhaust gases exit on the right: 4 items
Exhaust gases exit on the left : 1 items
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The SD ROYAL 720 kitchen stove is a multifunctional device, allowing cooking, baking, and heating small spaces. The coal kitchen is suitable for kitchens, utility rooms, holiday homes, and is perfect in case of a power outage.

Technology and Tradition:

Our coal kitchen is designed to meet the highest standards, combining modern technological solutions with traditional methods of cooking with coal and wood. Thanks to innovative temperature control systems and precise controllers, you can freely adjust cooking conditions for each dish.

Solidity and Durability:

Built with high-quality materials, our coal kitchen is not only reliable but also durable. The solid construction guarantees a long lifespan, making our device an investment not only in delicious food but also in years of cooking and heating pleasure.

Unique Taste:

Coal and wood are not just sources of energy but also key ingredients in our approach to cooking. They give dishes a unique, deep flavor that is hard to achieve with other cooking methods. Our coal kitchen allows control of smoke intensity and temperature, achieving a perfect blend of aromas.


Whether you're an experienced chef or a cooking enthusiast at home, our coal kitchen is perfect for any application. The device's multifunctionality allows the preparation of a variety of dishes, from delicate meats to juicy vegetables and exquisite bread.

Environmental Choice:

We care not only about taste but also about the environment. Cooking with coal and wood is an ecological alternative to other energy sources, making using our kitchen an environmentally friendly choice.

Features of the SD ROYAL 720 Coal Kitchen

  • Modern appearance and solid construction
  • Ash drawer for easy removal of combustion residues
  • Fuel drawer for storing coal or wood
  • Enlarged oven for baking dishes
  • Front-mounted thermometer for temperature control
  • Quick access doors to observe prepared dishes
  • Enlarged firebox chamber for faster heating and longer operation on one load

Check the Chimney Outlet Side for the SD Stove Kitchen:

Standing in front of the SD coal kitchen, choose the side for the chimney outlet.

Right Kitchen: The flue outlet will be at the back on the right side and on the right side wall, while the firebox will be on the left side.

Left Kitchen: The flue outlet will be at the back on the left side and on the left side wall, while the firebox will be on the right side.

One of the SD coal stove outlets should be closed using a masking plate.

There is an option to install the exhaust outflow from the top.

No possibility to add a coil.


Recommended Fuel:

  • Wood

Product specification

Power output - coal / wood 8.0 / 7.0 kW
Efficiency 85 / 71 %
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 120 mm
Height 850 mm
Width 720 mm
Depth 600 mm
Burning place height 175 mm
Burning place width 250 mm
Burning place depth 400 mm
Weight 110 kg
BimSchV2 tak
Warranty 2 lata


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