Heat pump air-water EasyAir 2 GT SMALL

Heat pump air-water EasyAir 2 GT SMALL

Catalog number: 09-242000| NN: 25390

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Temperature range +5 up to +35oC
Temperature DHW 55oC

The Easy AIR 2 GT heat pump is an air-water type pump which allows to prepare domestic hot water for family with up to 6 members. Maximum domestic water temperature which heat pump can prepare is 55o C . Heat pump is used for absorb energy from air inside of the room and transfer it to domestic hot water tank.

Presentation 360°

Product specification

Power output 1.92 kW
Air flow 500 m³ /h
Height 400 mm
Width 680 mm
Depth 720 mm
Weight 64 kg
Static pressure 6 Pa
Power supply 230V


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