Exchanger with 1 spiral coil GALMET SGW(S) 400

Exchanger with 1 spiral coil GALMET SGW(S) 400

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These medium size exchangers from SGW(S) series are ideal for use in large domestic hot water installations.

Connections are located at rear of exchanger for convenient installation, coil placed inside enables quick and economical use. At back there are also boiler sensor muffs and circulation pumps. Circulation pump ensures immediate hot water intake at any point of use. A large thermometer is placed in front and adjustable feet allow for leveling tank.

A coil placed in the lower part of tank, after being connected to any heat source, e.g. a central heating boiler or a fireplace, gives possibility to quickly heat up large amounts of water. Exchanger can also be heated by an electric heater with a thermostat or heaters placed on flange in inspection opening. Use of heaters speeds up access to hot water or can serve as main source of heat in summer when central heating boiler is not working. Dense polyurethane foam insulation is responsible for minimum heat loss.

Rust resistance is guaranteed by evenly applied ceramic enamel EXTRA GLASS® . Wet applied on entire inner surface of tank. Additional protection is provided by two replaceable magnesium anodes. They can be replaced by a maintenance-free active magnesium anode, selected according to capacity.

Materials used in production are of the highest quality combined with modern technology and experience of employees translate into high quality of exchanger, for which manufacturer provides a 60-month warranty.

Product specification

Water capacity 405 l
Max working pressure 10 bar
Max. water temperature 110 °C
Weight 137 kg
Exchanger surface 1.8 m²
Exchanger power 70°/10°/45° 43 kW
Exchanger efficiency 70°/10°/45° 1030 l/h
H1 240 mm
H2 320 mm
H3 570 mm
H4 870 mm
H5 1470 mm
L 1750 mm
D 700 mm


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