Draught regulator Regulus RT4 - 3/4

Draught regulator Regulus RT4 - 3/4

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Draught Regulator Regulus is a thermostatic, chain-controlled combustion regulator for solid fuel boilers. Its metal construction and a composite head ensure good resistance against high temperatures and mechanical damage. The thermostatic element used guarantees precise operation and long service life of the regulator. It keeps the heating water temperature at the value set by means of a rotating knob and can be easily installed to any boiler type either horizontally, or vertically.

Regulation range: 30°C - 90°C
Max. water temp.: 120°C
Max. ambient temp.: 60°C
Max. load on the chain: 1000g
Working position: vertically, horizontally
Thread: external 3/4"

- 2 years


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