Double-jacket exchanger ERMET 140 L (Vertical)

Double-jacket exchanger ERMET 140 L (Vertical)

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No magnesium anode required !!

Protection against corrosion: resinated

The double-walled water heater is an accumulator device designed to heat water and store it in a heated state. It is designed to work only in vertical position and can be connected to water supply system with static pressure not exceeding 0.6 MPa.

Water in heater tank is connected to central heating furnace through a heat exchanger.

Product specification

Water capacity 140 l
Max working pressure 6 bar
Max. water temperature 90 °C
Weight 65 kg
Exchanger surface 1.32 m²
Diameter 490 mm
Height 1250 mm
thickness of steel 3 mm
Exchanger power 80°/10°/45° 31 kW
Exchanger efficiency 80°/10°/45° 660 l/h
Muff (heater) 5/4 inch
Warranty 60 months
Demand for heating water from boiler 1.6 m³/h


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