Deaerator Spirovent AA125 (G1 1/4) 10 bar

Deaerator Spirovent AA125 (G1 1/4) 10 bar

NN: 23192



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Height: 180 mm
Width: 88 mm

Max. flow [m3/h] 2,0

Max. flow [l/s] 0,55

Fluid temperature: 0 - 1100 C

Operating pressure: 0 - 10 bar

Connection: G 1 1/4"


Spirovent AA125:

Optimum system and process water quality is achieved when air and dirt is kept to a minimum. If air and dirt is not removed, or is not removed sufficiently, numerous complaints and problems can arise such as annoying noises, frequent manual venting, deteriorating pump performance, an imbalance in the system, unnecessary disturbance and excessive wear. All these things result in higher energy consumption, complaints and failure and often require immediate action.




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