Controller EKOSTER 2S P6.4 60-97 with smoke sensor (BAFA)

Controller EKOSTER 2S P6.4 60-97 with smoke sensor (BAFA)

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Temperature controller microprocessor, which is designed to control and run the blower pump circulation in the central heating system.


NEW! This version meet the requirements for german boilers on the BAFA list.

Automatic central heating controller allows you to:

  • maintenance of the boiler preset temperature by controlling blowing ventilator,
  • efficient and non-wood gas detonation, start-blowers mode,
  • blower power setting (service mode)
  • Automatic shutdown after extinguishing the boiler control,
  • blocking the blower fan when the boiler is refueled,
  • control of the circulating pump central heating,
  • "COMFORT SYSTEM" -system, which prevents the pumps blocking during standstill of the boiler,
  • protection against freezing and overheating of the boiler,
  • notifiaction damage of boiler temperature sensor,
  • toning contrast of the display, titrated at a time of change in settings menu.



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