Complete underfloor package - for heating max 30 square metres - S package

Complete underfloor package - for heating max 30 square metres - S package

Package S for heating  20 - 30 m2.

Ideal for heating of small rooms like a bathroom, kitchen or sitting room.

How it works: a thermostatic valve mixes the hot water from the supply with cold water from the return. A pump sucks this water into the thermostatic valve that regulates the flow of water.The thermostatic valve is controlled by a thermoelectric actuator that receives impulses from a room themostat. In this wy the heating circuit is charged with water. The package is equipped with a by-pass valve, that leads water into the return in the case of the themostatic valve closing. Additionally, the system is protected by an adjoined thermostat that switches off the pump at the exceedeed temperature (temperature for an underfloor heating cannot exceed 55oC) .


S package  (about 16m2 heating panel) comprises of:

- mixing valve TZM VTA 323 3/4“ GZ ESBE – 1 item
- thermostatic valve TS-90 DN 15 HERZ - 1 item
- thermoelectrical actuator AFRISO - item
- room thermostat TA 3m IMIT – 1 item
- adjoined themostat BRC IMIT - 1 item
- pump WILO Stars RS 25/4 with couplings - 1 item
- by-pass valve ¾” AFRISO – 1 item
- connections – 1 package
- pipe 16 x 2,0 mm HENCO - 100 meters
- detailed assembly instruction – 1 item


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