Combustion activator AnLen - COAL 0.5 kg

Combustion activator AnLen - COAL 0.5 kg

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Anlen are the combustion activators for solid fuels (coal, biomass, wood and coke) which causes an increase of generated energy and improves the cleanliness of combustion.

Advantages of using AnLen combustion activator:
- increases the amount of generated energy up to 35%
- saves up to 25% of fuel needed to heat the house, apartment or workplace while ensuring thermal comfort
- optimizes the combustion process making it environmentally friendly - reduces the amount of carbon monoxide produced by furnace improving the safety of heating devices
- stabilizes the work of boilers and furnaces (long burning of fuel under optimal conditions and high temperature of combustion)
- optimizes heat transfer to the receivers
- enables self-cleaning of the combustion chamber
- extends the life of the heating equipment

0.5kg AnLen is sufficient for 500kg of fuel.

Application of Anlen to the fuel is very easy, just sprinkle a measured amount of activator on prepared coal, coke biomass or wood (1.0 g to 1.0 kg of fuel). After this ignite the fuel provided to the heating.

Activation of Anlen takes about 15 minutes. After about 30 minutes of burning, fuel will begin to emit large amounts of heat.


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