Cast iron boiler Dakon FB2-Auto 25 kW

Cast iron boiler Dakon FB2-Auto 25 kW

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Boiler and feeder made ​​from very good cast iron, with the deflector and a ceramic combustion chamber.

Equipped with microprocessor control that ensures stable operation of the boiler. LCD screen, central heating, hot domestic water and tray (to prevent overheating) temperature sensor, temperature protection (termik).

- Control of the fan and feeder,
- Control of central heating and domestic hot water pump,
- Possibility of room regulator connection,
- Possibility of GSM connection.

- Coal: culm, pea.
- Brown coal: pea.
- Pellets.

Product specification

Power output 25 kW
Weight 350 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 150 mm
Efficiency 80 %
Water capacity 37 L
Height 1580 mm
Width 1100 mm
Depth 855 mm
Max working pressure 4 bar
Silo volume 250 dm³
Required chimney draught 18 Pa
Number of segments 4 pcs
Min. incoming water temperature 65 °C


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