Canal radiator Regulus with ventilator QUATTROVENT 100/300/1750

Canal radiator Regulus with ventilator QUATTROVENT 100/300/1750

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Radiator length
(with the trough)
: 1750 mm
Trough width
(with the frame)
: 300 mm
Trough depth: 100 mm

Power (with the ventilator) 75/65/20: 2900 W
Power (with the ventilator) 55/45/20: 1670 W
Power (without the ventilator) 75/65/20: 787 W
Power (without the ventilator) 55/45/20: 390 W
Ventilator power: 21 W
Warranty: 25 years

The radiator price includes:

  • canal trough

  • canal radiator with stand and deareator

  • platform frame

  • a set of ventilators

The radiator is to be purchased with the platform which is available at the bottom of the page.

The radiator may also be accompanied with:

  • off-season platform

Due to their small mass, the regulus floor heat exchangers reach their maximum heating power after only few minutes which makes the heating time very short and dynamic. The exchangers feature a high heating power due to a large heat exchange surface and a copper-aluminium construction.

The Regulus canal radiators are especially recommended near large glass fitted areas or near balcony door, where they can act as an air shield protecting window panes from steaming up.

Placed in the floor recesses, the radiators offer a perfect protection for terrace doors, balcony doors, under large glazed surfaces, in winter gardens, entrance enclosures, lacings, etc., everywhere where there is a need for effective protecion against the cold.

The Regulus heating canal system proves to be very effective in family housing and apartments, office entrances and halls, sports facilities, mainly sports halls and swimming pools, in commercial units, church buildings, exhibition centres or production buildings, and in other areas where, apart from maintaining an appropriate amount of heat, the emphasis is put on sustaining good visibility.


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