Boiler Stalmark EKO Pionier 17 kW

Boiler Stalmark EKO Pionier 17 kW

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EKO Pionier made by STALMARK is a boiler for charcoal that fulfills requirements of the 5th class due to a norm EN 303-5: 2012. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the boiler is characterized by high efficiency and ecological burning. The boiler in automatic mode burns charcoal of granulation 5-32 mm. Emergency grate allows to burn other solid fuels in case of lack of basic fuel or electricity.

Boiler construction
Boiler exchanger was made of an attested boiler steel which is 6mm thick. One of the most important construction aims, was to eliminate as much welding joints as it was possible. It was made by bending the steel. Constructors also add an additional plates into the combustion chamber to raise a temperature and efficiency of burning. To decrease thermal losses, between the exchanger and case an isolation was set.

Stalmark EKO Pionier was equipped in a modern and multifunctional controller TECH ST-750 with a PID. The PID is an algorithm which job is to optimize the work of the boiler and thanks to that, it saves fuel. When the parameters of the boiler are set correct, thanks to that algorithm savings in fuel can reach up to 25%.
The controller is responsible for optimization boiler's work. It can also manage work of up to 4 pumps and one valve. Additionally, its work can be expanded by connecting the GSM and Ethernet module.

Basic fuel:
- charcoal (5-32mm)

- 48 months for water tightness of the exchanger
- 24 months for steering

Product specification

Power output 17 kW
Weight 500 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 180 mm
Efficiency 93.5 %
Boiler class (303-5:2012) 5
Ecodesign yes
Size of heated surface 170 m²
Water capacity 72 L
Boiler heating surface 2.0 m²
Height 1160 mm
Width 1265 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis. 903 mm
Depth 995 mm
Max. water temperature 90 °C
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Loading compartment dimensions 350x138 mm
Size of the combustion chamber (width/depth/height) 300x350x155 mm
Silo volume 230 dm³
Required chimney draught 25 Pa
Min. chimney height 6 m
Outlet and inlet size 6/4 inch
Min. incoming water temperature 55 °C
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Absorbed power 211 W
Warranty 4 lata na szczelność kotła


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