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Boiler Pereko KSR Pro - 75 kW

Boiler Pereko KSR Pro - 75 kW

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KSR Pro boilers has been designed for those users who appreciate high performance that are user-friendly and have enough capacity to effectively heat buildings with a high cubic capacity. All the above needs are satisfied by the design of a large-size boiler where the fuel is fed automatically from the feed hopper. KSR Pro can supply heat in hospitals, museums, hotels, churches, schools and other public buildings.

The boiler KSR Pro is economical in operation due to the used fuel which is cost-effective eco-pea coal. It is automatically using a retort feeder. The integrated control a two-stage electronic system is safeguarded by ecoMAXX 800 R2, made by PLUM company, which is responsible for ensuring optimum fuel feeding and maintaining the set boiler temperature and domestic hot water temperature in the tank. The controller handles 4 pumps (for central heating, for domestic hot water, for the floor heating system and the circulation pump), the servomotor of the mixing valve and safety temperature limiter (STB). The boiler has been designed in such a way that it allows the mounting of the fuel hopper on the right or left hand side of the boiler.

The advanced control system, equipped with numerous safeguards preventing boiler and system overheating, is able to maintain the safe operation of the boiler without user supervision. The moment the boiler has reached 90°C, the feeder and the fan are immediately deactivated, whereas a sudden temperature increase activates pumps that actively eliminate the accumulated heat surplus. The appropriate level of boiler robustness is secured by the reinforced structure of the heat exchanger. For its manufacture steel plate, which in places is up to 12 mm thick was used in the case of boilers with the highest power.

Fuel automatic: Eco-pea coal.

- 10 years for weld tightness.
- 6 years for the tightness of the exchange unit.
- 2 years for subassemblies.

Product specification

Power output 75 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 250×250 mm
Efficiency 80 %
Size of heated surface 700 m²
Water capacity 250 L
Height 1680 mm
Width 1720 mm
Depth 1320 mm
Depth with exhaust pipe 1620 mm
Silo volume 900 dm³
Required chimney draught 50 Pa


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