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PEREKO KSP Duo automatic boiler burning four primary fuels: pea coal, culm, pellets and oats. The boiler is also equipped with water grate where in the case of a power failure or a lack of the primary fuel we can burn coal, wood, etc. Modern design of the boiler and the interesting solutions can appeal to customers who value quality and functionality.

Construction of the KSP Duo

The boiler with specific colors (yellow and black) stand out from the competition also with a fresh new look compared to the previous version. Exchanger of certified boiler steel (P265GH) with a thickness of 5 and 6 mm ensures efficient heat draining to the central heating installation and also durability of the boiler. Long warranty on the tightness of the weld because welding is made from both sides. In standard boiler is equipped with protection against backfire to the fuel container also called "firefighter". The feeder has a function "reverse", which in the case of blocking the screw gives the possibility to withdraw the locking element and remove it by a special inspection hole. Feeder with the fuel tank, if necessary, it can be switch by the user from one side of the boiler to another.

Boiler controler

Boiler is controlled by new ecoMAX 910 manufactured by PLUM. The controller is mounted on top of the boiler in a nicely-looking housing which make it easy to install the regulator. A display with adjustable position inform user using intuitive icons. In standard we get the regulator, four temperature sensors and a set of cables. The controller can maintain the temperature of several independent heating circuits base on the indications of a weather sensor and room thermostat ecoSTER. Optionally ecoMAX 910 can be extended with an Internet module ecoNET300 and ecoSTER TOUCH - remote control panel who is also the room thermostat.

Basic fuel:
- Pea coal,
- Culm,
- Pellets,
- Oats.

Alternative fuel:
- Coal,
- Wood,
- Other solid fuels.

- 10 years on the tightness of the welds,
- 5 years on the tightness of the heat exchanger,
- 2 years on the controler.


Product specification

Power output 12 kW
Weight 278 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 159 mm
Efficiency 92 %
Size of heated surface 120 m²
Water capacity 38 L
Size of the combustion chamber 17 dm³
Height 1215 mm
Width 1010 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis. 1060 mm
Depth 820 mm
Max. water temperature 95 °C
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Silo volume 150 dm³
Required chimney draught 20 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 1 1/2 inch
Min. incoming water temperature 57 °C
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Absorbed power 175 W


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