Boiler for pellets Orligno 100 - 24 kW

Boiler for pellets Orligno 100 - 24 kW

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The Orligno 100 with pellet burner is an extension of the functionality of a multi-boiler with the ability burn pellets. Interchangeable doors allow free transformation from the traditional to high performance pellet.

The construction was designed so that in both cases there is no compromise. Thus, both the combustion of conventional fuels and pellets will keep the optimum combustion conditions, guaranteeing a high-efficiency boiler.

The Pellet burner

The pellet burner (self-cleaning) that allows the automatic combustion of solid fuels – wood pellets with a diameter of 6 to 8mm, maintaining high performance that meets the environmental protection standards in the European Union.

The main advantage of the burner is its convenient operation via a user-friendly controller. Comfort of usage of the boiler may compete with oil and gas boilers. Just load the system with fuel and press START. The advanced controller takes care of the rest. Within minutes the unit will automatically, giving constant temperatures to your rooms, whilst also supplying hot water.

Features of the pellet burner:
- Automatic start
- Automatic burner modulation – Fuzzy Logic II generation
- Low thermal inertia during start-up and stopping
- Low energy consumption
- Temperature control of the burner provides security at the highest level
- 3-phase lighting to eliminate fuel gas explosions during start-up
- AUTOSTART function after power failure – remembers the last settings
- The primary and secondary air distribution – decreased to the level of CO2 emissions to the level of gas and oil burners
- Boiler efficiency up to 91%
- Low volume of soot
- Autoclean function – automatically removes sediment from the burner

Features of the steering

- The powerful new 32-bit procesorARM
- History of alarms and errors
- Two types of menu - simple and advanced
- INFO button
- Statistics
- Sound Alarm
- LED diode - signaling the individual states of the burner

- 60 months for the boiler weldings
- 24 months for the burner
- 24 months for the boiler automatics
- 12 months for the other elements of the boiler

- pellets


Product specification

Power output 6-24 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 160 mm
Weight 370 kg
Efficiency 91 %
Water capacity 60 L
Height 1379 mm
Width 516 mm
Depth 744 mm
Silo volume 450 dm³
Outlet and inlet size 5/4 inch
Absorbed power 35 W


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