Boiler EG-Pellet PRO 25 kW with built-in hot water tank and accumulation tank

Boiler EG-Pellet PRO 25 kW with built-in hot water tank and accumulation tank


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EG-Pellet PRO is an automatic, multifunction pellet boiler which due to compact size allows to build the home boiler room in very easy way.


Thanks to innovative solutions the device has very wide application options by producing - apart from heat - surprising amounts of warm sanitary water. Advanced technology of the device eliminates the need to use solar buffer, buffer for fireplace with water-jacket or water heater working in pair with photovoltaic cells.


Emission of exhaust gasses to the atmosphere with exceptionally low temperature, innovative heat exchanger cleaning system and ease of use thanks to graphic automatics controlled by high-resolution touch display make the use limits to occasional removal of ash from ashpan and refilling of the fuel tank.


- Modern design
- Safety and low operating cost
- High quality components
- Very high efficiency basing on tested construction of heat exchanger
- Lambda probe which optimizes the combustion process
- Burner made of special heat resistance steel
- Innovative automatic cleaning system
- Intuitive automatics


- 5 years for the tightness of the exchange unit and welds.

Product specification

Power output 25 kW
Weight 390 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 150 mm
Water capacity 207 L
Required chimney draught 20 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 3/4 inch


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