Automatic boiler PEREKO KSM 22 kW

Automatic boiler PEREKO KSM 22 kW

NN: 62062 / 62063
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Boiler 5 class on coal

The boiler KSM is a modern central heating boiler with retort feeder PSR, in which the basic fuel is pea-coal. The design of the heat exchanger arrangement has a vertical flues results in high efficiency of the device of up to 91%. KSM meets the requirements of energy and emission class 5 according to standard EN 303-5:2012. This means that the boiler KSM is a device which operaye with low level of emissions into the atmosphere.

Advanced controller

In the boiler KSM uses a sophisticated system controlling the device. EcoMAX 910 controller is responsible for maintaining the desired temperature by controlling the combustion process (frequency and dispensed portions) and controlling the strength of the blowing fan. Its additional advantage is the control of two independent mixing circuits. This feature allows you to set different temperature ranges in several heating systems, eg. Floor heating system and radiators. Driver functionality can be extended with optional modules: ecoNet 300 and the panel room controler ecoSTER TOUCH that allow for remote operation.

Double protection of the boiler

KSM is equipped with two independent systems (electronic and mechanical), to protect the boiler from overheating and freezing installations. The first is electronic sensors, which are responsible for maintaining the proper temperature of the screw, the boiler water and domestic hot water. In case of overheting the feeder and the fan are being stoped and the sound alarm turn on. In the event that the tube feeder has reached too high a temperature, the system will start up extinguishing the flame. Electronic sensors also protect against freezing water in the system. At an ambient temperature of less than 5 °C, the reaction starts the sensors include all the pumps, which enable circulation of water through the system. The additional protection is a mechanical sensor STB. In case of exceeding a safe temperature of water for the boiler, the sensor turns off the STB blow and pauses the fuel feeder and start the audio signal.

Product specification

Power output 22 kW
Weight 425 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 159 mm
Efficiency 91 %
Boiler class (303-5:2012) 5
Ecodesign yes
Size of heated surface 400 m²
Water capacity 85 L
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Silo volume 200 dm³
Required chimney draught 25 Pa


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