Air heater Termo-Tech OP-30 kW

Air heater Termo-Tech OP-30 kW

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OP-30 is very high efficiency air heater. It is used to supply heat for large commercial and industrial premises, eg. Workshops, halls. The heater is made from certified boiler steel and has an axial fan with low noise and high efficiency. Heat exchange occurs during passage of air through the heat exchanger.

The air circulation in the room is generated by the fan, which prevents the accumulation of warm air under the ceiling.

Basic: wood
Replacement: wood briquettes, wood chips

The main advantages:
- High thermal efficiency ~ 90%
- Capability to work in low temperatures,
- Even heat distribution thanks to the fan,
- High power and low operating costs.

Specification Unit DATA
Maximum power kW 30
Heating surface of the boiler m2 3
Efficiency % ∼90%
Expenditure max. fan m3/hm3/h 5700
Dimensions of the loading hole mm 316 x 204
The volume of the charging chamber dm3 160
Basic fuel   Firewood
Required exhaust sequence Pa Firewood
The minimum height of the chimney m 8
Dimensions of the smoke pipe (diameter) cm 15,9
Power V/Hz 230/50
Boiler weight without water kg 202
Power consumption W ∼250
Basic dimensions of the boiler    
Height mm 2038
Width mm 840
Depth mm 1060

Product specification

Power output 30 kW
Air flow 5700 m³ /h
Height 2038 mm
Width 840 mm
Depth 1060 mm
Weight 202 kg
Loading compartment dimensions 316x204 mm
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 160 mm
Required chimney draught 30 Pa
Power supply 230


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