Air heater EG-Airmax Plus - 40 kW

Air heater EG-Airmax Plus - 40 kW


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Automated Air heating device with multifuel burning capabilities

Automated solution for customers that search an advanced heating device capable of burning solid fuels. EG-AIRMAX boiler has the lack of duty of constant firing-up because of an automated solid fuel supply system with a screw feeder and support wide range of burned fuels.

Recommended fuel for EG-AIRMAX air heater

  • Coal (type 32 with grain size up to 35mm (coal culm, small coal)
  • pellets
  • agro-pellets
  • pellets of straw (of all diameters)
  • Cherries drupelets
  • sunflower husks
  • nutshells

Easy hot air distribution

Hot air distribution takes place with the tiltable roller shutter installed in the front, the user can decide which air stream direction is most suitable. The second way of distributing the heat is through the blower channels above the directional roller. After connecting the Spiro pipes (additional extra paid equipment) the heat can be distributed throughout the building. It is also possible to adjust the amount of air distributed through the apertures.

Air heater advanced expansion capabilities

Optionally, it is possible to use the extension module for the control functions like the room thermostat, as well as the GSM module which enables communication with the controller of the device via mobile phone. Thanks to the multi-fuel burner, the EG-AIRMAX becomes a versatile device with a wide range of applications.

Air heater for home and business

Air heater EG-AIRMAX is a hot air blowing heating device which is designed to heat up manufacture halls, garages, car workshops, single-family houses (with heat distribution system) or buildings of agricultural utility (mushroom farm, chicken farm, piggeries, greenhouses etc).

Main advantages of EG-AIRMAX Air heater

  • simple operation and maintenance
  • energy efficiency
  • fuel tank made of stainless steel
  • multi-fuel
  • innovative cleaning system
  • easy installation

Product specification

Power output 40 kW
Air flow 4800 m³ /h
Height 1665 mm
Width 1170 mm
Depth 1150 mm
Weight 410 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 160 mm
Required chimney draught 20 - 30 Pa
Power supply 230


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