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3-way thermic valve 11-100 R40mm 72°C

3-way thermic valve 11-100 R40mm 72°C

Catalog number: 11170070| NN: 50281

Three-way thermostatic valve protects the boiler from too low temperature of the return water. Maintaining a high return water temperature results in a higher efficiency of the boiler and longer life.

Opening temperature is the temperature of the water when cooling process start. The return temperature to the boiler is 0-4°C below opening temperature. Maximum boiler power with adequate pump.

Valve 11-100 is made of cast-iron.

Product specification

Opening temperature 72 °C
Outside thread 1 1/2 "
Kv 14
Maximum boiler power 200 kW
Max. water temperature 110 °C


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