Freestanding oven FLAME 3 - 8 kW

Freestanding oven FLAME 3 - 8 kW



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The "Flame 3" stove and fireplace is our latest product. Many years of the company's experience in stove manufacturing has led to the creation of the "Flame 3", simultaneously a stove and fireplace, being added to our offer. "Flame 3" is characterized by its unique shape, design and execution. Its grace and shape blends into the architecture of any interior, becoming simultaneously the "burning heart" of your home.

Flame 3 stoves are used in:

  • households,
  • holiday cottages.

Technical specifications:

Depth 533 mm
Exit to chimney 150 mm
Door 320 x 210 mm
Maximum size of solid fuel piece 300 mm
Stove mass 137 kg
Thermal efficiency ok. 70%
Nominal thermal power about 11 kW during burning of 2,3 kg of carbon with 25500 kj/kg calorific value per hour
Rated power 8 kW
Total power 8 kW
Fuel carbon, anthracite, peat, timber and other solid fuels



"Flame 3" is made of richly decorated cast iron elements, lined inside with chamotte bricks. The glazed furnace door provides us with unforgettable impressions of direct contact with the fire. It is equipped with a movable grate for the easy removal of ash remains. Dual flue gas outlet pipe toppieces (upper and back) enable easy and trouble-free stove and fireplace installation.

Product specification

Power output 8 kW
Efficiency 70 %
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 150 mm
Depth 533 mm
Weight 137 kg


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