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METAL-FACH PELLET is a modern boiler designed to burn pellets.

Burner is made of an heat-resistant steel and the furnace is equipped with a multi-point airflow. Thanks to the use of new technologies such as automatic start of burner (with 3-phase of fuel inflaming eliminating the possibility of explosion of gases), and self-cleaning function that automatically removes sludge from the heat exchanger, the boiler is maintenance-free and service is limited to add pellet to the container, and switching it on.

Metal-Fach PELLET is equipped with Fuzzy Logic 2 that works with the exhaust gas sensor - PID and lambda probe.


FL-600LG-RTC is an advanced microprocessor controller, designed for controlling the parameters of the boiler. Suitable for existing conditions, automatically calculates time of fuel delivery and quantity of dispensed air that is necessary for the proper combustion, significantly increases the ecologicalness of combustion process and its efficiency and thus economic efficiency of the boiler. Clock function provides many important and at the same time innovative features such as possibility to set a weekly operation schedule of circulation and additional pump and burner. Proper maintenance will increase the usability of the boiler and can make a noticeable savings.

The measurement of the exhaust gas temperature and oxygen level contained therein allows to get a high heating efficiency of the boiler. Lambda probe becomes a central element responsible for combustion process, and in combination with other elements of the boiler helps to multiply the effectiveness. This reduces the operating costs of the boiler and the negative impact of its activities on the environment.

The controller is equipped with a graphical LCD display that enables to change the parameters responsible for proper work of the boiler.

5 years for tightness
2 years for controller

Product specification

Power output 16 kW
Weight 335 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 180 mm
Efficiency 92 %
Boiler class (303-5:2012) 5
Ecodesign yes
Size of heated surface 170 m²
Boiler heating surface 2.05 m²
Height 1710 mm
Height 1415 mm
Width 1130 mm
Width without hopper 482 mm
Depth 829 mm
Depth with exhaust pipe 1118 mm
Max. water temperature 95 °C
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Silo volume 400 dm³
Required chimney draught 23 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 1 1/4 inch
Power supply 230V / 50 Hz
Absorbed power 400 / 1100 W
Warranty 60 months


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