Kitchen stove TK2 - 610 with drawer and termometer

Kitchen stove TK2 - 610 with drawer and termometer

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Kitchen boilers type TK2-610 are used for cooking, frying, baking. Are equipped with oven, grill fixed, a device for regulating the flow of air under the grate and the gas flow lever. The oven has a insulation, which provides heating of its interior and is equipped with a baking tray.

Tk2-610 are available with left or right gas exhaust, unbuilt and built up (with drawer). In standard the gas exhaust is on back wall (on right or left) but the client can changes the gas exhaust to side wall by himself.

Kitchens may have also the built-in heating furnace chamber. At the nominal chimney draft - 10 Pa and the combustion of coal nominal dose - 1.6 kg/h input reaches the following parameters:
- Heat output > 2.5 kW

Suitable connecting the kitchen with water heater provides hot water for a single family, while cooking or baking food in the oven and heating the kitchen. Connecting Tk2-610 to the central heating radiator you can heat a room of 15 m3 (eg. bathroom). However, be prepared to a smaller amount of hot water.
Sizes of the oven
Height 230 mm
Width 302 mm
Depth 440 mm
The dimensions of the fireplace
Height 110 mm
Width 150 mm
Depth 480 mm

Product specification

Exhaust gas pipe diameter 130 mm
Weight 120 kg
Efficiency 61-66 %
Height 850 mm
Width 900 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its base 750 mm
Depth 600 mm
Required chimney draught 12 Pa


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