Kitchen stove Monika - 8 kW

Kitchen stove Monika - 8 kW

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Nominal power: 8 kW
Cooking panel efficiency:
Stove efficiency at the nominal power:
12 months
Weight: 180 kg

The stove is constructed for cooking and for heating rooms.  There is a possibility to install an insert (circuit) inside the combustion chamber enabling heating of utility water (in cooperation with a water tank) or heating up a room/rooms (when connecting to radiators). A heating duct inside the stove enables its even heating. The construction of the stove is nickelled, the door is enameled, walls laid with tiles, the frame surrounding the cooking panel is stainless. The stove is covered with grog inside.

- height: 76 cm
- width: 104cm
- depth: 76 cm    

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There is a stove with the combustion chamber on the left side on the photo. In this stove, the roaster and exhaust gases exit are placed on the right side of the stove.  If a stove has roaster and exhausted gases exit located on the left side, the combustion chamber is on the right.

Product specification

Outlet and inlet size 1” inch
Power output 8 kW
Efficiency 75.3 %
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 118 mm
Height 760 mm
Width 1010 mm
Depth 620 mm
Burning place height 180 mm
Burning place width 230 mm
Burning place depth 350 mm
Weight 180 kg


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