Kessel DAKON DOR F 24 - 24kW

Kessel DAKON DOR F 24 - 24kW

EAN: 4051516567828| NN: 31816
The new version of the best-selling modern boiler Dakon DOR F is special design for the combustion of brown coal. Provides greater safety through better insulation and easier handling during reloading. Addition of brown coal and lignite briquettes, users can also burn wood or coal.

This steel boiler offer exceptional quality, reliability and long service life. Low emissions have been achieved without the use of flue gas fan, the most exposed parts of boiler. The result is a reliable, uncomplicated and inexpensive boiler to run that requires no electricity.

A wide, gently graded series of performance-allows you to select exactly the boiler heat losses from the heated object. Another advantage is the preservation of the original boiler pipe sizes for easy replacement when replacing the former boiler DOR.
Advantages of boiler:
- special design for complete combustion of brown coal
- automatic power control of thermal damper
- high combustion efficiency by adjusting the additional air inlet for different types of fuel
- suitable for a gravity system
- low levels of dust in the flue gas

Draught regulator in set.
For the extra payment the boiler can have a integrated cooling loop.


Leistung 24 kW
Masse 215 kg
Querschnitt des Abgasfuchses 145 mm
Wirkungsgrad 78 %
Wasserinhalt 57 L
Brennkammergröße 46 dm³
Höhe 990 mm
Breite 535 mm
Höhe des Abgasfuchses (vom Boden zur Achse des Fuchses gemessen) 858 mm
Tiefe mit Abgasausgang 770 mm
Max. Wassertemperatur 95 °C
Maximaler Betriebsdruck 2 bar
Abmessungen der Fülltürchen 358x150 mm
Zugbedarf 26 Pa


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