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Kotly.com.pl How to buy

How to buy

The most convenient way is adding a product to our e-shopping cart, the procedure is descript below.

1.In order to purchase a product, click the “Add to Cart” icon. The product will be placed in a virtual shopping cart. There is no limit of products in the cart.  If you want to buy a flue pipe, just mark the payable option below the description of a boiler, e.g. “With flue pipe (90 degrees bow)”.
Click the “Cart Contents” icon to see the current amount of products in it. In order to alter the quantity of a product in the cart, click in the “Qty”, write the new amount and click “Update.”
In order to remove the product from the cart, click “Remove Product(s)” and then “Update.”

2. When you want to send the order, click “Checkout.” Now, you have two options to choose:
- creating an account in the www.kotly.com shop
- logging in if you have an account in our shop already
3. An information about the shipping will appear. Click “Change address” if the delivery address is different than the billing one. Here, you can add comments about your order in a prepared for it table. It helps a lot if you can unload a boiler, e.g. with a fork lift , so if you have this possibility write it in the table. Finally, click “Continue.”
4. In the next step, choose the way of payment. Mark “Advance payment” please. If you want to change the billing address, click the “Change address” icon. Here, also you can add comments about your order in a prepared for it table. Click “Continue.”

5. Check details of your order. Here, you can edit it. Finally, click the “Confirm Order” icon.  
6. There will appear “Your order has been processed” information. At the same time, you will receive an email with confirmation of having made an order, this e-mail is sent automatically. This means, that we have received your order. After that a second e-mail from our export manager with his signature and the right transport cost and account number will be sent. Then you can pay the money to our account. After receiving the bank transfer the PROSAT company starts the realization of your order: delivery, if all the products are on stock, or purchase of any lacking items.
You will be informed about the onboard stages of the order process by e-mail or phone.  Placing the telephone number and email address in the order is necessary for its realization.    

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