VENTO MULTI 15 kW - Automatic set with cast iron head and 0,6m³ fuel container

VENTO MULTI 15 kW - Automatic set with cast iron head and 0,6m³ fuel container

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VENTO Multi is a device designed for a combustion of various type of biomass (wood chips, sawdust, shavings, briquette and pellets)of the humidity up to 25 %. The set consists of a heat exchanger, supply system, cast iron combustion head, fuel tank and automatic ash removal system. The boiler is made of an attested steel which is 6 mm thick.

The set is equipped with a double protection from fuel ignition in the container. The construction of the set provides unmanned operation, high level of efficiency reaching up to 86% and low flue gas emission that conforms with the EN 303-5 standard.


Moderator VENTO Multi may be used for burning solid fuels by the manual refill the combustion chamber without removing the feeding system along with the tank. This kind of combustion should be treated as a substitute for specific situations (eg. power failure, damage of the tray, etc.) and as soon as possible return to work in an automatic mode. In manual mode refill is done through loading door. Before use in manual mode cast-iron grate and damper must be installed. Installation of the cast-iron grate consists of laying it on a rack placed in the combustion chamber above the burner head. Damper should be mounted in the bottom door.

Product specification

Power output 15 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 160 mm
Weight 578 kg
Efficiency 86 %
Water capacity 67 L
Height 1575 mm
Width 2295 mm
Loading compartment dimensions 178 x 313 mm
Max. length of wood 310 mm
Min. chimney height 8 m
Min. chimney diameter 200 dm³
Min. incoming water temperature 55 °C
Power supply 230/50


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