Transporter for pellets EL-PE 01 HAMSTER

Transporter for pellets EL-PE 01 HAMSTER

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Transporter for pellets is an automatic device allowing vacuum assisted transportation of pellets from bulk storage to the tank of the pellet boiler.

After filling up a tray of the Transporter the turbine is temporarily switched off, the closing of the tray is released and the pellets fall to the boiler's tray. The process of loading the tray lasts until the fuel level sensor don't indicates that there is enough fuel.

The base element of the set is the pellet mixer which is also called the hamster. It's a device that moves a pellet for better collection by suction hose. For proper functioning Hamster must be located at the center of the storage container and it can not be buried by pellets. Transporter can be installed on boilers tray when width or length of the tray is not greater than 1.5m. Maximum length of the suction hose is 15m.


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