Steel boiler for wood ATMOS D20

Steel boiler for wood ATMOS D20

NN: 12895
Available Options

Construction: steel boiler

- 3 years for the boiler installed with Laddomat or thermoregulator valve TV and accumulation tank
- 2 years without accumulation tank and Laddomat

Wood non-gasifying boilers ATMOS D...  are meant for burning wood on basic principle of burning without suction fan.


Its fuel chamber is in the inner lower part equiped with a movable grate with holes for primary air inlet and for easier ash removing.

Under the grate  there is an ash-pan serving for easy and comfortable ash removing.

Advantages of the ATMOS D20 boiler

  • Wood combustion in a ceramic firebox

  • Simple operation and easy cleaning

  • Fuel: wood and wooden briquettes

  • For cottages and country houses

  • Small family houses

The ATMOS D... boiler is equipped with a cooling circuit protecting the boiler from overheating.

The power output is controlled by the draught regulator Honeywell FR124, which controls the primary air inlet flap.

The flue way is fitted with a waste gas throttling flap.

Product specification

Power output 10-19.5 kW
Weight 290 kg
Efficiency 71-83 %
Height 1150 mm
Width 590 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis. 828 mm
Depth 690 mm
Max. length of wood 500 mm
Required chimney draught 19 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 6/4 inch


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