Solar two-way electronic pumping station (Wilo Yonos Para ST15/7.0)

Solar two-way electronic pumping station (Wilo Yonos Para ST15/7.0)

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Solar two-way electronic pumping station is a device that provides and controls the circulation of the solar fluid between solar collector and tank.

The pumping station consists of circulating pump and a regulating and measuring controller. The device can work with the flat solar collectors as well as vacuum collectors.

Double-pump station allows user to control the temperature of the heating medium on supply and return.

Product specification

Type Elektroniczna
Measuring range 2 - 12 l/min
Height 440 mm
Width 280 mm
Depth 150 mm
Max temperature 160 °C
Work temperature -30 to -120 °C
Connector 3/4 inch
Connectors spacing 97 mm
Power supply 230V / 50Hz


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