Room thermostat EH 20.3 (weekly)

Room thermostat EH 20.3 (weekly)


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Room Thermostat

  1. Time
  2. Temperature
  3. ROOM temperature display
  4. SET temperature display
  5. Program lock icon
  6. Fan operating mode. From the left: manual (low, average, maximum), automatic
  7. Operating mode selection button
  8. Screen lock icon
  9. Fan mode selection button/PRG mode selection button
  10. +/- button 11. ON/OFF button
  11. Operating mode selection icon. From the top: heating, cooling, heating/cooling/ fan mode
  12. Time zone program icon

Technical Data

  • Power supply: 230VAC/1f/50Hz
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Relay operating current: 5 (3) A
  • Differential SD Switching: 0,5°C
  • Setting Range: 5...50°C
  • Operation: normal
  • Relative humidity: <85 % r.h.
  • IP: 30
  • Unit operating temperature: 0...+50°C
  • Color: White
  • Size: 134mm x 94mm x 28mm

Product specification

Depth 28 mm
Height 94 mm
Width 134 mm
Power supply 230VAC/1f/50Hz
Accuracy of measurement 0,5°C °C
Range of temperature settings 5...50°C °C
Scope of work 0...+50°C °C


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