Radiator REGULUS SOLLARIUS S10/ 90 975x900mm

Radiator REGULUS SOLLARIUS S10/ 90 975x900mm




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The selection of a particular type of heaters influences greatly the energy saving capacity of the central heating (c.h.) system at work, as well as the thermal comfort felt by users.

Regulus heaters are characterized by:
- Low water capacity, many times lower than water capacity of other heaters. The installation has low thermal inertia; hence, the problem of overheated rooms disappears.
- Lightness (small weight) of heaters. Once the heating is on, heaters warm up rapidly to full capacity, whereas for other heaters with greater load weight, it takes roughly the same time to become barely lukewarm. This characteristic also facilitates in rapid heating up of rooms in transitory periods (spring, autumn). Even during a cool summer, it makes sense to turn on Regulus installation, so as to heat up rooms by a few degrees or so.
- High thermal conductivity of materials being used to make heaters (copper and aluminum). They are characterized by the highest performance as regards receiving of thermal energy from a heating medium, even if such medium has low temperature.
- Vast active surface. When completely exposed - vast gross heat transfer surface between heater and surroundings. This generates excellent heating effect for any installation operating temperatures, inclusive of low temperatures (heat pumps, condensation boilers).
- They actively determine the feeling of thermal comfort; serve to minimize temperature differences between rooms. Thanks to intensive heat convection, they are active in the process of mixing of air in rooms, thus generating inside them, an almost uniform temperature distribution with no “cold zones”. They aid in the airing of rooms.
- Being light weight in nature. A major advantage of Regulus heaters. Example: the biggest heater, measuring some 2m in length, weighs 16 kg (steel panel heater of comparable size weighs a couple times more). This feature facilitates in transporting and it makes possible one-person assembly, as well as the hanging up of heaters on fragile wooden walls or on gypsum – cardboard walls.
- Durability of the heaters: copper and aluminum do not corrode the way that steel does.


25 – YEAR LONG guarantee

Regulus heaters are available in all RAL colors, also in the Metallic Version (natural Aluminum).


Product specification

Height 975 mm
Length 900 mm
Width 90 mm
Weight 13.6 kg
Water capacity 1.41 l
Power output 85°/75°/20° 2873 W
Power output 75°/65°/20° 2576 W
Power output 55°/45°/20° 1550 W
Connectors spacing 810 mm
Thermostatic insert -


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