Radiator (bottom fed) REGULUS SOLLARIUS PLAN SD18/070 1750x700mm

Radiator (bottom fed) REGULUS SOLLARIUS PLAN SD18/070 1750x700mm




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Guarantee: 25 years


Regulus-System radiators version PLAN are not only heating devices but decorative as well. They are installed in open and close heating systems and can be used for all types of installations made from copper, plastic and steel. Very well made, can resist corrosion and high pressure. Regulus-System radiators are allowed on the whole EU market.


Characteristic of Regulus-System SOLLARIUS PLAN radiators:

- copper-aluminum
- top cover: flat
- front cover: flat (PLAN)
- mixed heat emission: radiation + convection
- light weight
- quickly gain the full heating power
- low heating cost
- wide range of lengths and heights
- wide range of colors



Housing, sports facilities, religious buildings, historic buildings, commercial etc.


Product specification

Height 1750 mm
Length 700 mm
Width 90 mm
Weight 19.4 kg
Water capacity 2.34 l
Power output 85°/75°/20° 3647 W
Power output 75°/65°/20° 2934 W
Power output 55°/45°/20° 1337 W
Connectors spacing 50 mm


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