Piston feeder boiler STALMARK Duo Boss 29 kW

Piston feeder boiler STALMARK Duo Boss 29 kW

NN: 31418 / 29543
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Thanks to the side construction DUO BOSS has got two individual furnaces – side piston feeder and permanent steel water grate. Thanks to the side construction, it is possible to set it even in the smallest boiler rooms. The boiler is equipped with the newest ST-609H steering which can operate up to 4 pumps (central heating, domestic hot water, floor and circulation).

48 months for tightness
24 months for electronic elements
12 months for protection of furnace door

Fuel: hard coal, coal dust, pea coal
The calorific value should be 25MJ/kg
Granulation of fuel: 5-40 mm

Product specification

Power output 29 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 180 mm
Weight 518 kg
Efficiency 86.5 %
Size of heated surface 290 m²
Water capacity 97 L
Boiler heating surface 2.9 m²
Height 1573 mm
Width 1260 mm
Depth 750 mm
Max. water temperature 90 °C
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Loading compartment dimensions 400 x 273 mm
Silo volume 255 dm³
Required chimney draught 20 - 30 Pa
Min. chimney height 6.5 m
Outlet and inlet size 6/4 inch
Min. incoming water temperature 55 °C
Power supply 230 V


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